Products suitable for joint HTA through JNHB

The JNHB collaboration is limited to assessing medicinal products. Medicinal products in all therapeutic areas can be submitted to JNHB for assessment. The decision to initiate a joint assessment is based on an agreement between the health technology developer (HTD) and JNHB. HTDs are encouraged to express their interest in assessment through JNHB by contacting the JNHB team at

The following types of products are most suitable for joint assessment through JNHB:

  • Products with similar treatment practices in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden
  • Products that require a cost utility analysis, CUA, for the health economic assessment
  • Products used in inpatient care
  • Products with new active substances
  • Extensions of indication*
  • Products suitable and of interest for joint Nordic negotiations

Nonetheless, products which do not fall into the scope described above might be assessed through JNHB on a case-by-case basis.  It should be noted that in case of an outpatient product in Finland, the JNHB assessment cannot replace the normal process for pricing and reimbursement. Fimea will then participate in the JNHB assessment as an observer. For confirmation of reimbursement and a reasonable wholesale price of an out-patient product in Finland, the HTD must apply to the Pharmaceutical Pricing Board as usual. 

*From 2024 JNHB will consider assessing extensions of indications for suitable products.